How to Resolve Your Outstanding Warrant

If you discover you have an outstanding arrest warrant, don’t think it will resolve itself. You need to contact our knowledgeable attorneys today to resolve your outstanding warrant. A police officer can discover the outstanding warrant on a traffic stop. Police Officer’s may come to your work or residence to arrest you on this outstanding warrant. One of the most important issues a judge’s considers when placing your bond, is if you voluntarily surrendered yourself on the warrant or capias.

You need to retain an experienced Law Firm to fight your outstanding warrant. An experienced Law Firm may be able to help your warrant needs without going into custody at all. Furthermore, we can assist your surrender on the warrant so that you can be immediately released from custody to reduce the stress that is coupled with resolving your outstanding arrest warrant. Contact the Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC to protect your legal rights.

How We Can Assist

Our firm can help in the following ways:

  • We can find out if a bond amount is attached to the warrant;
  • We can find out whether a warrant exists;
  • We can find out if the warrant is a “no bond” warrant that will not allow you to bond out of jail until after you see the judge;
  • We can find out if you need to surrender yourself at the jail on the warrant or whether you should accompany your lawyer to court on a “Motion to Surrender” so that you can have the best opportunity to avoid going into custody;
  • We can coordinate with law enforcement for your surrender so that they are prohibited from attempting to interrogate you regarding the criminal case;
  • We can coordinate an emergency bond motion so the court can lower the bond amount to a more reasonable amount given your financial situation, or petition the court to release you on a signature bond (release on own recognizance or ROR bond) that does not require you to pay any money with a bondsman.
  • We can defend you against the charges so that you can successfully fight for the best possible results or resolution of case.

Types of Arrest Warrants in Broward County and the rest of Florida

The following types of arrest warrants exist in Florida:

  • Direct file arrest warrant with probable cause;
  • Bench warrant for failure to appear in court or failure to pay a fine (also known as a capias);
  • Arrest warrant taken out by an officer that investigated the charge alleging probable cause;
  • Warrant for failure to pay a fine;
  • Violation of probation VOP arrest warrant;

Ways to Resolve an Outstanding Warrant

Possible Ways to Resolve an Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest

  • We can use a self arrest program that will take care of the warrant without the normal booking process at the jail, if available in your area.
  • We can coordinate that you surrender yourself in on the warrant and make arraignments for your attorney to represent you at the first appearance court which normally occurs the next morning at 8:30 a.m.
  • For a VOP or FTA warrant, we can appear in court on a “motion to surrender” to petition the judge to withdraw the warrant or grant a ROR bond on the warrant so that you can be released without posting bond.
  • We can file a motion to withdraw a warrant based on a failure to appear in court if we can show that the failure to appear was unintentional or a mistake.

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