Distribution / Transportation
  • Distribution

The repercussions surrounding a drug arrest intensify as law enforcement make their way further up the illegal drug food chain? What about up the illegal drug distribution network? When distribution charges are filed, they can carry either a state or federal charge depending on the range of the distribution ring. Felony charges are certain and if your charges are tracked in federal court, the penalties could be even more harsh. Police officers will work diligently to get you to talk about your case, but you should always remain silent and make an immediate call to the Law Offices of Adam Franzen, who can assist you regarding your legal rights. The main way the State builds its case against you is through your own personal statements. Make a conscious effort to be courteous and cooperative, but do not make any statements without the advice and counsel from the Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC at 954-462-5790.

Florida is branded for its mandatory minimum sentence laws and those imposed by the federal government can be even harsher. Judges cannot depart from these severe penalties if you are convicted. A knowledgeable attorney can work to keep your case in state court and to seek out flaws in the government’s case against you. Irrespective of the drugs involved – cocaine, ecstasy, crack, marijuana, or prescription narcotics, methamphetamine – you will face severe penalties if you are convicted.

  • Transportation

A main part of the illegal drug trade is the transport of actual product within a state, from state to state, and across international borders. These activities constitute the illegal action of drug transportation, and can carry with them severe felony criminal charges. If convicted of drug transportation, you will face very large fines and long prison sentences. Law enforcement officers want to make sure that drug transportation lines are broken up and will work diligently to arrest all parties involved. Contact The Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC at 954-462-5790, to ensure the protection of your legal rights and the ability to present a strong aggressive defense to these charges.

Drug transportation laws exist at the state and federal levels. Contact an experienced attorney who can assist you in better understanding the nature, severity and consequences of these charges. With a myriad of highways, back roads, waterways, all having access to both the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and many international airports in Florida, there exists many channels for illegal drug transportation. As illegal drug activities increase, law enforcement officers will clamp down even harder on alleged offenders.