License Suspensions

A DUI arrest in the state of Florida could result in the immediate loss of your driver’s license. According to Florida law, any person who is arrested for DUI and refuses to submit to a breathalyzer test or gets a reading of .08 or higher is subject to the immediate suspension of their driver’s license. In the case of a refusal to take a breathalyzer test, the immediate suspension is for one year. If the individual has refused a test before, the suspension term is extended to eighteen months.

In cases where a breathalyzer test is taken and a reading of .08 or higher is obtained, the suspension is for six months. In either of these situations, you only have ten days to request a hearing in order to challenge the administrative suspension of your driver license so it is critical that you act fast. The citation received following the initial arrest, serves as a temporary driving permit.

Act Now to Get Your Driver’s License Back!

According to Florida law, a person must request a Formal Review Hearing from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 10 days of a DUI arrest. The purpose of this hearing is to contest the immediate license suspension and to get driving privileges reinstated. If a formal hearing is not requested within 10 days, the driver’s license will be automatically suspended. During this ten-day period, the DUI citation received serves as a temporary driving permit. While this ten-day time limit does not impact your criminal charge, it is critical in regard to reinstating your driving privileges.

It is important to note that the Formal Review Hearing with the DMV is a civil matter and the result of this hearing has no bearing on the outcome of the criminal case for your DUI arrest. Our attorneys can assist you in requesting a timely hearing with the Florida DMV and filing all the appropriate paperwork. We will also attend the hearing with you and advise you on the impacts of the outcome.

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