Drug DUI

DUI Urine Test Case

The urine test is often requested when the breath sample reading is within the normal range but the officer suspects drug use as a cause of the impairment. This test is designed to detect trace amounts of inactive components left behind in the body after use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, valium, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. This test could also detect cough medicine and sleeping aids.

These tests are unable to accurately tell the time period during which the drugs or alcohol were ingested or consumed. Additionally, many legal substances can cause a false positive in a urine test including many over-the-counter pain medications and supplements, and prescription medications such as Marinol or Dronabinol. Certain medical conditions including liver disease, diabetes, or even a kidney infection can produce a false positive. Due to the problems with accuracy of the urine testing, many of these cases can be effectively challenged to suppress the results of and any mention of the test.

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