If arrested and charged with drug trafficking charges in Florida, you could be facing severe mandatory minimum sentencing if you are convicted. These charges are extremely harsh and you should move quickly to hire The Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC. Drug trafficking, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the crime, is charged as a felony and the prison terms can run from a minimum of 3 years to life imprisonment. Due to the strict state and federal laws, there is little to no room for leeway or discretion in these sentences.

Drug trafficking is defined as the sale, manufacture, delivery or possession of illegal drugs over a certain amount. Often times these charges include the crossing of state lines, which makes the crime prosecutable in federal court. Police officers use varying tactics to track down and arrest drug traffickers, but you have important rights that they are not allowed to violate. An experienced legal team can overturn discrepancies and illegalities in a drug trafficking investigation, helping to ensure that you’re constitutional rights are not violated in an effort to make a big arrest.