Improper Lane Violation

Dangerous and Excessive Lane Changing can Land you a South Florida Traffic court. Receiving a ticket for improper or excessive lane changing may seem like a minor occurrence; but in Florida, the repercussions may be more far reaching than they first appear. Such a traffic ticket carries a fine and results in a three-point penalty against your driver’s license. Even if neither the fine nor the points worry an individual, the effect on their insurance rates should. Points eventually fall off a driver’s record, but insurance companies have long memories. Paying a fine is considered an admission of guilt and gives the driver’s insurance company an excuse to raise the driver’s rates.

Because these citations add 3 points against a license, they can potentially result in a mandatory traffic school class or a license suspension. An accumulation of 12 points in a year results in a 30 day suspension, 18 points over the course of a year and a half earns a 3 month suspension and 24 points over a 3 year period will cause the loss of driving privileges for a whole year.

The two types of lane changes are: temporary lane change, for the purpose of passing another vehicle traveling in the same lane, or a permanent lane change. State statute 316.085 deals with temporary lane changing and states that moving left of center is only permissible if enough distance to safely maneuver into the other lane, pass a vehicle and return to the original lane is available. If the lane change, in an officer’s opinion was conducted in a reckless manner, involved excessive speeds or interfered with another vehicle in either.

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