Cultivation / Manufacturing

Manufacturers of illegal drugs are considered some of the main offenders of drug crime laws. Law enforcement agents and state attorneys will target this illegal enterprise through the raiding of marijuana growing operations, meth labs and other manufacturing facilities. State charges against you will be of the most severe and you could easily be adjudicated to spending the rest of your life in prison if convicted. If you are arrested on drug manufacturing charges, remain silent and make immediate contact with The Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC at 954-462-5790.

Certain illegal activities that may lead to a drug manufacturing arrest may include:

  • Operating a methamphetamine lab
  • Operating a marijuana growing greenhouse
  • Cultivating illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine
  • Involvement in another aspect of drug manufacturing
  • Possession or distribution of illegal materials or chemicals used in drug manufacturing

Generally, the amount of illegal drugs and materials taken during the raid of a manufacturing facility will play a huge role in the prosecution’s case against you. A knowledgeable attorney will work to investigate police tactics that may have led to illegal gathering of evidence through a wire-tap, statements or illegal search and seizure. Contact The Law Offices of Adam Franzen today about protecting your legal rights at 954-462-5790.