DUI Manslaughter

Under Florida Statute § 316.193(3)(c)(3), DUI manslaughter under is an accusation that the accused drove while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, and as a result of the DUI, the accused caused or contributed to the cause of the death of victim.

At the Law Offices of Adam Franzen, LLC, we understand the importance of retaining the most qualified expert witnesses, including an accident reconstruction expert in Florida who is a critical factor in the defense of a DUI manslaughter case. Florida law enforcement officers will do their own investigation in furtherance of the DUI manslaughter charges. However, it is vitally important for the defense to retain an expert to do their own independent accident investigation and reconstruction to present defenses that may exist in the case.

Our Law Offices takes an aggressive approach in fighting DUI manslaughter cases including filing motions to suppress evidence, motions to dismiss criminal charges, and motions in limine to exclude prejudicial evidence at trial. To obtain the best result you must defend each aspect of the state’s case and gradual and systematically carve away the States case piece by piece.

Additionally, you must immediately preserve all of the evidence or fight to protect your rights during the investigation, including the following:

  • Having your lawyer present for any interrogation by law enforcement;
  • Defending any effort by the State to take the results of any blood drawn for medical reasons
  • Immediately taking pictures of the damaged vehicles involved in the incident;
  • Getting names and telephone numbers of witness’ who were at the incident
  • Obtaining hospital medical records of anyone injured or killed after the accident; and
  • Taking photographs of the location where the incident happened, including any skid marks left on the road.

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