Real Estate

Stop foreclosure now. You may have fallen behind on your mortgage payments because of predatory lending, market conditions and a declining economy. Contact my Law Firm now to help you work with your lender by requesting one of the following: Loan modification; Short sale; Forbearance plan; Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure; or to Refinance your property.

Time is of the essence, call today at 954-462-5790. Once a foreclosure action is filed and served on you, you have 20 days to answer. If you don’t respond, the bank can obtain a judgment and sell your property at public auction. Please allow my law firm to represent you and help to protect your legal rights.

Law Office of Adam Franzen, P.A., will protect your legal interests throughout your entire real estate transaction regarding landlord/tenant evictions, negotiating contracts, contract preparation and review, title examinations and insurance and real estate closings. Let the experience of our firm represent you so that you can make an informed decision regarding your real estate needs.